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Yesterday 2/18 my "boys" came


to Visit I was SOOOO Excited!

 Hi I'm Sassy


I "ran" this ranch and I hope you enjoy your time here.  The humans that care for me, and these bovines, adopted me from my home about 5-miles north of here. My owner passed away and his wife needed to move closer to friends and family. I really miss them, but my new family is very caring, and except for those cows, seem to take my welfare at heart. They call me a "rescue adoption", I don't know exactly what they mean by that, the only thing I can think of is "I" rescued them from a ranch without a pony! They say I have arthritis and I just turned 27 on May 15th, I really don't know what they are talking about, I get supplements in my dinner and they take me for walks all the time, EVEN in the winter, my favorites because I get to walk around the ranch WITHOUT those cows!

We belong to a Lowline organization listed here, for some reason it's all about the cows! I have to share the pastures, barn and water with them, and even though they drive me crazy, they do have some cute babies and Dodger "the bull" and I have come to an understanding about who is actually in charge.  ME!

During the Summer the humans let their chickens out and they come to visit during the day. They ARE THE GOOFIEST things you ever saw. I still don't know what good they are, but they are sure fun to watch!

I had the humans put together a photo album of my time here and I try to make them update it frequently. I hope you enjoy the photos and remember "eat more chicken and beef".

Today is October 3rd 2017 and this will be my last day here.  I had a wonderful afternoon grazing the pasture and enjoying the ranch. I missed breakfast with the bovines  and let them enjoy the spoils of the day. My boys have moved on and I am getting tired. I took a few naps today and got up and grazed some more on the ranch.

It's 6:30pm and I'm getting tired. I have the neighbor bovines hanging out with me and I know I will miss my humans.  I've decided to lay down, I realize I won't get up again. Soon my humans will be with me and they will pet and love me as I take my last breathes - it is SOOO comforting to have them with me.  The time has come........... Sas


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